Cara Delevingne is arrested at a train station in Paris

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According to published various means, the model lost his nerve when the security personnel asked him to check their belongings.


Cara Delevingne seems to be going through a period complicated as days ago have confessed to various means of sense depression, and this would affect him in his work and daily life, and now as a result, talks about the altercation with security at the Gare train du Nord in Paris.


The newspaper, The Sun reported statements of an eyewitness who saw the model began an altercation with security features to ask to see your suitcase, reports that the model does not care that had many people present and I felt that being famous not should follow the rules of others, his friend who came tried to calm her, telling, this is ridiculous!


After the model was arrested and fined for verbal aggression, and paid the fine free came out, and went directly to Poppy Delevingne 30th birthday at the Chiltern Firehouse restaurant.