Germany publishes a letter from Trump’s grandfather where he begs not to deport him

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A German tabloid published a letter from Donald Trump’s grandfather, in which he begs the authorities in that country not to deport him. The letter, handwritten originally in German, was translated and published by “Harper’s”.

Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich Trump, first emigrated to U.S.A. From the Bavarian village of Kallstadt in the German empire in eighteen hundred and eighty-five at the age of sixteen, illegally evading compulsory military service (as Trump did to avoid going to the Vietnam War).

That caused him to lose his citizenship, and then to become an American citizen, where he amassed his fortune by running brothels and bars throughout the Yukon gold rush. Trump grandfather, returned to his native country in the early twentieth century, but was signed for deportation by his predecessor.

In the middle of the controversial deportations of the Trump administration, which separates families deporting parents and mothers, his grandfather’s letter shows a related concern. The letter is a plea to Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, who ruled Kallstadt at that time, not to be deported to the USA “Why should I be deported? That’s very hard for the family, “he writes. “What will our fellow citizens think if frank people are treated this way?”

Apparently, the letter did not work, since the story shows Trump Grandpa back in the US. US, breeding a strain that would reach the White House. Here is the letter:

The Emigrants

“By Friedrich Trump

“Your most serene, and most powerful Prince Lead! The most playful and gentleman!

“I was born in Kallstadt on the fourteenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine. My parents were workers of the frank and pious vineyards. They led me rigorously to all that is good, with diligence and piety, to attend regularly to the school and to the church, to the complete obedience of the authority.

“After my confirmation in one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two, I learned the job of barber. I emigrated in eighteen hundred and eighty-five, when I was sixteen. In America I took my business with diligence, discretion and prudence. The blessing of God was with me, and I became rich. I got American citizenship in 1883. In nineteen hundred and two I knew my wife. Unfortunately, I could not afford the time in New York City, so I returned with the revered family to Kallstadt.

“The people welcomed me as a capable and productive citizen. My old mother was happy to see her son, and her daughter-in-law, like her granddaughter; She knows that I will take care of her when I grow up.

“But we were confronted, as if by lightning, with the news that the Ministry of the Royal State, decided that we should leave our home in the kingdom of Bavaria. We were paralyzed, our family suffered horrible anxiety, and my beloved daughter became ill.

“Why should we be deported? This is very, really difficult for the family. What would our fellow citizens think if honest subjects are treated in this way? Without realizing the great material losses we will suffer. I would like to be a Bavarian citizen again.

“In this urgent situation, I have no other recourse than to turn our eyes to our venerable, noble, wise and just lord, our ruler, very high excellence, who has wept many tears, who has governed so beneficently and justly, and sweetly beloved , With the most humble request that the Lord have mercy and let his servant stay in the most jocular kingdom of Bavaria.

“His most humble servant,

“Friedrich Trump.”