#TEXIT: Now Texas is independent of United States

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Several sectors of the State of Texas have shown their intentions to establish itself as an independent state.

After the call Brexit where people in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) did vote, to see if they stayed within the European Union, tempers grew that Texas also separates the United States.

Recall that comes from the words Brexit Britain and Exit (Britain and output) – Texit blending the words Texas and exit.

Houston Chronicle stated that the Texas Independence Movement (TNM for its acronym in English) was very excited by the decision of the British, and even already began handing out propaganda to become independent.

After the separation be released in the UK, the Texit began to gain popularity in the United States. And even in social networking trend increases this fact.

The TNM has on its official Facebook more than 208000 I like, while the population of Texas is close to 27 million people.


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